Open call - we're looking for photographers

Zoink by Zaptronic


Zoink by Zaptronic was founded in 2011 as a design studio but its purpose has changed a lot over the years. Today it functions as a platform to promote and sell art-photography. We strive to be a broad and open platform for all types of art photography lovers. We showcase work from unknown contemporary artists to more more known artists, not bound by genre and with the believe that everything should be possible in art.

We promote photography by publishing inspirational photography stories online and by publishing high quality photo books, zines and prints. Until this point we primarily published the work of our founder Janko Bosch but we're open to publish work by other artist. Our goal is to provide a high quality platform for art, design and book lovers.

If you believe you have an interesting project don't hesitate to contact us!


We only use the essential information you provide us (like your name or your address) in order to be able to process your order. We use this information for adminstrative reasons only and will be stored for 7 years as required by Dutch tax regulations. Therefor it's not possible to ask us to remove personal data.